Published on 08-12-2017

Dear Members

Today we have a great deal for you as for an active member of euro-bux program.

Add funds bonus 150% + 1500 extra points for each deposited euro.
for exampple:
add €10 and get €15 automaticaly to your balance + 15000 to cash convertable points
add €20 and get €30 automaticaly to your balance + 30000 to cash convertable points
add €100 and get €150 automaticaly to your balance + 150000 to cash convertable points etc..

New upgrade account prices are valid until you see it at the upgrade account page.

Premium Account + 10 Referrals + 10350 extra points for only €6.90
Elite Account + 30 Referrals + 22350 extra points for only €14.90
Ultimate Account + 10 Direct Referrals + 50 Referrals + 43350 extra points for only €28.90
Ultimate3 Account + 20 Direct Referrals + 50 Referrals + 97500 extra points for only €65.00

All payments for account upgrade are refundable up to 72 hours after the payment is received.
Simply open support ticket and contact website administrator in this case.

Use this great opportunity and start more effective activit and money earning here.

Thank you for your effort and your good activity


Published on 06-07-2017

Welcome to Euro-Bux.

Welcome all new members to our new website.
We offer more advertising possibilities like PTC ads,
Featured ads and links, Banner advertising, Clix Grid,
PTSU Offers and many more in the cheapest advertising
prices on the market.
We hope you will find here the great satisfaction.
Our main goal is to provide the best services and
benefits to all members in the shortest time as
Thank you for your participating in our project
and we wish all the best and good luck.